The EcoQube Air reduces stale air

Most of the Western world spends the day inside at a desk, which makes access to fresh air practically impossible. Lunch breaks can help, but you’re still looking at spending most of your day indoors. Luckily, the EcoQube presents an excellent solution on a number of levels.

The EcoQube is actually designed as a hydroponic growing system for indoor plants. It essentially creates a self-contained ecosystem, where the optimal temperature is achieved through lighting and the enclosure. Fresh water is poured in, while dirty water drains out. The plants grow faster, it requires very little water (only needs to be added once a month), it’s not messy, and very little soil is needed.

So, the product provides a nice way to add some color to your desk with a low-maintenance plant. But there’s another benefit to the EcoQube, which is an increase in air quality. As it works its magic with plant growth, it absorbs stale air and puts out fresh air. Its fan circulates air to achieve this, and it is also a humidifier. This also has the benefit of filtering out allergens and odors.

You can click here to learn more about the EcoQube, and invest in their Kickstarter. Early purchasers will get some cool features like a mobile app to control the EcoQube, and basil seeds to start growing. It will definitely make for an excellent item at the office (or at home), and an interesting, fun conversation piece as well.