Swipe junior table is best gadget available for kids

As the world goes digital in the modern world, toys are also transforming themselves into digital avatar. The best gift for any kid nowadays would be a tablet computer. The size of a tablet makes its perfect for games, educational videos, content and e-books for children. Junior table designed by Swipe also gives parents better control over child’s digital activities. The device administrator can define suitable usage time for children. The app locker will keep your kids away from 18+ app. But any parent would be worried about what child can access through internet and what might trigger the curiosity while browsing. 

The Swipe has taken care of that through a feature which provides detailed usage reports about the device. Food grade material has been used for the construction by keeping in mind the habit of chewing toys by kids. Provisions to protect it from shakes and other rough tough use comes without any question. A shockproof casing is enough prevent wear and tear of the gadget.  It comes in a funky bright red color, a very good one to attract the attention of little ones.  7 inch high definition capacitive touch screen makes sure that children are enjoying their favorite cartoon at best quality. 

All popular games will work smoothly on the tablet as it has powerful 1 GHz processor. Enjoy video chat with your children anytime with help of its camera. While adults are adding more and more gadgets into their life, it is time for kids to have fun too.