Smart Watches

This year saw the manufacturing of smart watches take a whole new turn. About a decade ago the idea regarding a watch which can do anything more than keeping time seemed only like science fiction but the advancement in technology has opened up an entire world of possibilities. 

These smart watches operate just like your personal trainer. They sit on your wrist while you take part in a physical activity of your choosing and then afterwards provide with the data like the distance covered, your heart rate as well as the calories that you burned. These watches have GPS, Wi-Fi and voice activation technology. They can be connected with cell phones as well as tablets and can provide us with an easy way to take pictures, check our e-mail, dial and answer calls and access different apps. Although the first smart watch was released back in 2013 but those were still really early days for this technology and now we see that efforts are being made to make this technology even more useful and efficient.

There has been great research into making this technology a great help in the field of medical science and health care. Not only can it measure our heart rate, calories burnt and the number of steps taken by us while jogging. It can also remind older patients to take their medication and supervise the blood sugar level of patients who have diabetes. Research and advancements are still being made to expand the possibilities of these watches.