Make Your Laptop a Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are so many times when we get stuck in a situation where there is only one internet connection and many devices needing to be online. For instance, if you have a high-speed 3G data card which only supports one laptop, you will need to buy multiple Wi-Fi connections for other devices. However, you can easily take care of this problem by making your laptop an effective Wi-Fi hotspot. How can you do that? Well, it’s pretty simple. All of the laptops these days come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. However, if your laptop does not have one, you can buy an external Wi-Fi adapter. It won’t cost you much. 

Once you are ready with an active internet connection on your laptop, you can install an application that will help you make it a hotspot. There are many freeware programs available online which are very effective for this purpose. However, do remember that some of these programs can also be malicious and may prompt you to download some unwanted software programs while you are installing them. To prevent this, just ensure that you have the anti-virus protection on your laptop or computer.

But don’t fret much about it. There are some apps which are truly genuine and very handy in this regard. Just read the review and user feedback before installing them. Connectify Hotspot is one such freeware that you can easily trust. 

These programs are pretty easy to install and in a few straightforward steps, your laptop will be ready to be used as a hotspot.