IDAPT i1 Eco: Dual eco-friendly charger

This is an interesting eco-friendly charger. It has a built-in feature that will shut down a device when a battery is full, or when it is not in use. Even better are materials used in the production. This charger is made from recycled materials and there is no chemical painting, so future recycling is much easier. Also, this charger meets the Energy Star standards. It has a USB charge port, but also a connector that can be replaced so it fits to any device you are using. You can use it at home, or while traveling. In fact, you can even use it in a car.

There is no need of having a separate charger for each device. With IDAPT Universal Charger, you can charge all your device. And we know that every person has several of them. With this charger, you can recharge batteries on: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, PSP, GPS systems, Android Devices, tablets, digital cameras and Nintendo DS. Simply said, you can recharge batteries for most devices. The next generations of this charger will be able to recharge more than 4.000 different devices.

Because it is small and compact, you can take it while traveling. But, if you have a big family, you probably have a lot of different devices in your house. This usually means that there are several iPhones, Android phones and PSPs. In this case, you will need two IDAPT i1 Eco chargers. The price and other information are still unknown, but this may be one of the most popular chargers in the near future. Beside it is useful, it looks interesting.