Farmers Can Now Analyze Pig Sperm Easily Thanks To This Smart Gadget

If you happen to be a farmer then chances are high that you have been for some time now wondering whether you can actually make the whole process of determining the sperm of your pig much easier. If that is you, then I am sure you will be happy to find out that you can now easily analyze the sperm of your pig and its all thanks to technology. 

A Taiwan startup company has come up with an add-on gizmo that has been designed to work well with iPad Mini. With it in place farmers can easily be able to analyze the boar sperm of their pigs. This news is actually welcomed by many farmers who view pigs to be one of their richest possession. 

The gadget, that has been termed iSperm, is an interesting hardware device that consists of a chip that is microfluidic. In addition to this hardware also comes with a case that makes it possible for the microscope to be held in its place. 

If you are one of those farmers who are reading this article and thinking is this available for purchase and how can I get it, you are in luck as the Taiwan based startup company has stated that their gadget will be soon be for sale. According to the company, the gadget will go for under 2,000 U.S. dollars apiece.