Sphero2.0: The Robotic ball

Balls have been the playmates of kids and adults with equal élan since times immemorial. They are favored by not only the human but pets as well. As we all know, fetch is the most favorite pastime of dogs.  Almost all the major sports that are playing in the world like football, cricket, tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, etc. involve primarily a ball as the center of attraction. The evolution of technology have even captured the ball. Now, a smart device can even control and regulate a ball. 

The developer Orbotix had launched such a ball in the name of Sphero and has been launching its revised iterations. The latest iteration that has been launched in the market is by name of Sphero2.0. It can be controlled by any smart device once the app to control it has been downloaded in it. The device can control the movements of the ball and thus make it an experience of fun and merriment for the users of this device. 

Playing and having fun are not the only features of this wonder ball. This ball can used to teach the kids about augmented reality. The ball can be replaced by any virtual character that can be helpful in teaching the kids about math, programming and many more. The control can be achieved simply by touching the ball along with paired device. The ball also comes in with a waterproof case for games that are played in the water. They are also good with pets as well.