Moverio BT 300 smart glasses

The tech revolution is still responding to the proliferation of smart phones, trying to find out what the next innovation will be. We’ve seen some hints, particularly in the world of Virtual Reality, or even the Apple Watch, which makes information access even easier. Google Glass got some attention a few years ago as well, but Moverio’s BT 300 Smart Glasses have the potential to make an even bigger mark.

Much like similar digital glasses on the market, the Moverio BT 300 is worn by the user, and displays information as requested. What makes this model stand out is that it displays true black copy, making it easier to read over the larger view of the world itself. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth and features a digital camera.

It’s worth noting that this product, in particular this model, is not designed for every day casual use. Rather, it is intended for business and industry where being able to read information during tasks would be helpful (for example, construction or medical fields). This is probably a much better expectation; the general public was skeptical of the applications Google Glass would have in regular life situations, as it might look a bit ridiculous to wear this kind of technology while going out for coffee, or out to the supermarket. But it’s undeniable to see the usefulness of this technology on the job. The estimated price point is around $800, which is plenty affordable, particularly as a perk from your company or a job related expense.