MiP: The coolest hangout partner

One of the coolest inventions in the history of technology is the robots. Robots were essentially built-in order to lessen the amount of any kind of work for us, the human beings and most importantly those kinds of redundant jobs. It is an amalgam of mechanics and software technology, which has given birth to these amazing objects. Even though the original concept behind robot creation remains the same, nowadays robots have been evolved for mere pleasure and fun as well. One such robot is the MiP.

MiP can be easily controlled by any smart device once the app to regulate it has been downloaded in the device. The manufacturers have made it look like humanoid. It is available in two colors black and white as of now. The next versions when launched in the market promise to bring in new colors as well. It is fun to have a MiP around. It comes with various features that make its company pleasurable. The primary feature that makes it interesting is its ability to self-balance and carry weight equivalent to its own.

The robot has dual wheels, which makes it possible for its self-balancing acts. The other cool features include sensing gestures. Whether the gestures are done by hand or any motion, they are quick to pick them up and act accordingly. The robot is equipped with immersive personality that is infectious. One can have various fun activities with it like going on a defined trail, having a competition between two of them, dancing to tunes and many more.